Azuma Japanese Restaurant


Kimitaka entered the world of Japanese cuisine when he was only 16 years old. The strict almost feudal culture of his senior co-workers attracted him at an early age. As he served his apprenticeship Kimitaka came to be regarded as family to his co-workers. His natural skill and technique in the kitchen was quickly recognized by his peers and superiors.
The young Kimitaka was passionate about his new career. He would often work past his assigned hours, arriving early each morning and leaving late into the night. His superiors ordered strict obedience. ''The answer always had to be 'Yes'! I could never contemplate saying 'No. The way of the Japanese culture meant that if a superior said that the sky was red – when clearly it is not – I still had to agree!” It was in this environment that he first realized his dedication, diligence and passion for cooking.
At the age of eighteen Kimitaka moved from his home town to further his career; he worked in Tokyo for 2 years and then spent 1 year at the Akamon Japanese Restaurant in a Bangkok, Thailand. Returning to Japan, Kimitaka based himself in Miyazaki, a well known “foodie” district. Here he worked at the Royal Hotel for 3 years and then for 4 years at the Century Heian-kaku. It as here that Kimitaka was appointed Master Chef of Japanese Cuisine and Executive Chef.

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